Recruitment Industry is broken. It is stacked against the people it is supposed to help; the job seekers.

Are you as frustrated as most of the people looking for jobs? You have prepared the best CV, the best cover letter for the job description, and yet you don't hear back anything? And what do the platform like LinkedIn or Seek do to help you? Do you think seek follows up with the employers? Do you think LinkedIn calls the employer and finds out the answer to your question for you? They don't. It is not in their interest. These platforms are valued in multi-billions and there is one and only reason for it; YOU, the job seeker.

How these platforms make money is by helping companies recruit easily. Which sounds good in surface. But beneath that lies the horrible truth. This is how it works:

  • Companies pay to get an account with the platforms and to advertise
  • Companies then put ads on the platforms
  • A lot of people apply
  • The company picks one (if the job is actually real) candidate and does not go through the rest resumes.

OR Company finds the candidate they want and does not have any incentive to reply back the unsuccessful candidates.

What are the issues with above approach:

  • LinkedIn and Seek have a direct interest to please the companies as they are getting paid by them directly. So they won't follow up or "ban" the companies that put fake ads on or do not follow the best practices like not replying or not providing feedback.
  • As most of the companies don't bother replying, candidates get nervous and keep applying for all the jobs they can find, which leads to large number of unsuitable candidates for a real job advertisement, making the companies not reply to the candidates. This is a vicious circle that the big job platforms won't be able to solve because:

a. they pride themselves on the basis that they can get XXXX number of candidates to apply for a job or the number of candidates they have in their platform.

b. The more people are active in their website, the better engagement they get and can keep charging companies for their ads.

  • Recruitment companies help fill this gap but not all of them work on your best interest. Most will try to get your pricing down or will tell you that it will be hard for you to find a job which gets demotivating and may put you off from applying.

Introducing.. JobSeekr

At JobSeekr, we have worked very hard to listen to the frustration of the jobseekers and to solve the major problems of the job seeking industry. We have been jobseekers ourselves and have been thinking better ways of providing experience to the job seekers and as a result, the companies.

And with your help, we will achieve it.

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